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My Name Is Kimani Alexander The Founder Of K. Alexander Images. At K. Alexander Images, We Are More Than Just Guys Who Take Pictures; We Are The Keepers Of The Memories That Matter The Most To You, And When The Moment Has Long Passed, The Shadows Of Those Moments Will Be Perfectly Preserved For Your Mind To Remember, And For Your Heart To Once Again Feel.

I Fell In Love With Photography While Working On The Yearbook Staff At Scotlandville Magnet High School At The End Of My Junior Year. With The Help Of My Mentor Mrs. Q. Wright, I Was Provided With The Guidance Necessary To Fulfill My Potential By Maximizing Off Of My Preexisting Artistic Foundation.

In Pictures, We Find Frozen Testaments Free From The Ravages Of Time That Embody A Time That Is Gone And A World That Will Never Be Seen Again. It Is For This Reason That I Fell In Love With Photography In November Of 2017 And Is For That Reason That Hopefully, You Can Love Your Pictures As Well.

Whether It Be Weddings, Birthday Parties, Family Gatherings, Or Graduations, We At K. Alexander Images We Want To Give You The Best Photos Possible To Save Your Most Precious Moments So That They May Withstand The Ravages Of Time.

K. Alexander Images


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